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For over 20 years, we have created beautiful and quality handmade jewelry products for the Obsidian Jewelry brand, from Dallas, TX . We can be your one-stop full service jewelry designer, gemstone provider, lapidary and manufacturer.  If you have an idea you'd like created contact us to see if we can meet your needs. 

Gems & Jewelry


Whether you are looking for  semiprecious or natural stones, fossils  pieces in the rough, or stainless steel chains, we have you covered. A multitude of stones set in sterling silver jewelry plus loose stones are available for purchase at retail or wholesale.  Speak with us when you need merchandise for your business or event.  (Must meet minimum requirements. Credentials required for wholesale pricing

About Us

Let Us Wow You As We Are WOWED

Owners & Designers Jeff and Leigh Kohnfelder have always had so much  appreciation for nature.  Jeff's vision for Obsidian is to make you say Wow! when you look at the stone, noticing its inherent natural beauty, plus learn of the many varieties here on earth (and seen throughout the Obsidian jewelry line).  Leigh’s vision for the IXEL (eh-shell) brand is to share the essence of the energy side of these stones and jewels as tools for our growth and upliftment. They are thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to bring their enthusiasm of these rock and gem treasures with you.

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We provide the resources you need in any phase of the process from an idea in your head to the finished product in hand to educating you about the stones. Call, text or email or  940.206.8197 to inquire for more details